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Jack as Aged Man in Enderal video game

JACK de Golia

The Voice of Character

      Welcome to JACK’s site…

Jack records in a Gretch-Ken Pro double walled sound isolation booth, using a Studio Projects C1 mic, Scarlett Solo interface, and MacBook Air computer running the Twisted Wave recording app.

An award-winning audiobook narrator, e-learning voice, video game actor, and storyteller: Jack will give you winning, ahead-of-schedule voice work for audiobooks, e-learning, political ads, cartoons, commercials and videogames, and anything involving character voices. With a PR & stage-acting career spanning four decades, Jack brings a seasoned and always fresh approach to voiceover work. It’s been said he has the voice of “every man’s man.” While Jack is based in Las Vegas, his studio lets him work all over the world as a male voice actor.

JACK’S Voice Services Include

  • Audiobooks
  • eLearning
  • Video Games
  • Animation
  • Commercials
  • Documentary
  • Narration
  • and more…


I'm happy to leave a five star rating for you. Your work is professional and timely. I really appreciate working with you. Professionalism and competence is a good combination.


I'd tell you to hire Jack de Golia if you want a professional and amazing narrator for your audiobooks but I want him all to myself... but once all 47 of my books are made into audiobooks, you can have him!


Jack de Golia is the consummate narrator for this clever story. James Gaffney (not his real name) is a "child killer for hire" who actually does the opposite--saves the kids and has them adopted. Listeners will thoroughly enjoy de Golia's rendering of the chubby, sloppy, witty, and kind 40-something Gaffney. Since it's generally affluent parents who hire him, he is also wealthy. His assistant, Marissa (a kid he saved), helps him survive the many risks he takes. It's fun and informative to hear him perform his other job as a baseball card dealer. De Golia also excels at portraying the undesirables Gaffney mingles with. Gaffney frequently doesn't know the good guys from the bad--nor will listeners. The literal and figurative cliff-hanger ending is par for the course. S.G.B. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2018, Portland, Maine [Published: FEBRUARY 2018]

AudioFile 2018, Portland, Maine

Narrator Jack de Golia takes charge of this thriller and helps listeners weave together an array of plotlines--the search for an immortality drug, an adventure amid ancient ruins, and a possible terror attack on the U.S. In a swift, capable narration, Jack de Golia portrays an international cast that includes Chinese intrigue, a mole in the FBI, and a former American Special Forces operative. He delivers wonderful foreign accents and even does well with female characters. Nick Carter may remind listeners of other tough undercover operatives, but, like the others, he keeps the action flowing.

AudioFile Magazine Review
Nov. 2013

I am ALWAYS critical of narrators. That isn’t really fair because I would never take a chance to narrate one of my works, but Jack de Golia was on point. He did what narrators should do. Changed his speed when necessary to show excitement or down times, changed his voice just enough so that you could tell who was talking regardless of the ‘he said/she said’ text, and the recording itself was professional and solid. Author & Reviewer at

J.D. Demers
Sept. 2017

From an author who listened to Jack's work on her novel: "I *LOVE* it!!!! I absolutely love it, the voices, the slight accents, the pace of the narration. My teenage son walked by when I was listening, and he thought this was a David Baldacci audiobook.


This far-reaching collection of short stories featuring desert settings contains some of the most engaging tales in the Western canon. The audiobook is delivered at just the right pace by Jack de Golia. Narrating energetically, he takes on the characters' voices with a chameleon-like effect. His ability to inhabit the spirit and sound of the French, Spanish, and Russians, young and old, highborn and low, elevates these classics. His portrayal of a banker in Chekhov's "The Bet" convincingly goes through his transformation from cocksure to unsure, and his young cowboy in O. Henry's "Double-Dyed Deceiver" is among his best work. Edited by Nella Braddy in 1922, these adventures have stood the test of time and keep the listener rapt. A.D.M.

"Great Continuation of Series, powerful narration, Five Stars"

This is the 3rd book in the Lost Tales of Power series by Vincent Trigili. Voiced by the man with a thousand voices, Jack de Golia, this story has multiple returning characters and some new favorites you will enjoy. The Alpha Academy is back and a few students are chosen for a specialized training program, one that takes place outside of the safety and protection of the Academy.

One of my favorite attributes of this series is that you learn about the world and all of its abilities and inhabitants as the characters do. Every new adventure or discovery is new to all the characters as well. So you learn along with the characters as you read or listen to the book.

Jack de Golia voices each unique character with their own voice and Vincent tells the story thru several different characters points of view. This is a multiple view story done the best I have seen in a while. Multiple narrators tell the story and this story grows at a pace of real life experience.

Days and weeks pass as you are immersed in this new world of wizards and sorcerers and space. I recommend this series and look forward to future books.

Perry Martin
Audiobook Reviewer, 2-15-17

Jack de Golia voiced a compelling cadence with his narration that allowed me to close my eyes and see the characters in my mind. Skilled at the voice transitions as he moved from one character to another showed the depth of his voice acting ability, especially with the localized accents.

Rox Burkey, March 2019

Jack is quickly becoming our go-to narrator. He's completed multiple narration projects for our eLearning modules. He is easy to work with, his narration is high quality, and he's very knowledgeable about file types, formatting, and audio file preferences. I would strongly recommend Jack de Golia for voice-overs and narration.


A former ex-cop now in the repo business, Clayton (never Clay!), is trying to right some wrongs with his family. However, the local cartel is making it more difficult than he had anticipated. Now he must protect his family and friends while also defeating the bad guys.

Armand Rosamilia, the author, weaves a thrilling story with unique named locations and well-developed characters. The plot was well constructed with solid plot twists to keep you listening. Rosamilia has a talent for creating characters that are realistic and practical.

The narrator, Jack de Golia, gives a strong performance. His unique voices and he uses his skill at pitch and cadence to project the action and situations. I have heard several books performed by de Golia and he never disappoints!

Overall, this is a good solid, and interesting thriller mystery with strong characters. Combined with a strong voice actor, you won’t go wrong with this book. I highly recommend this new series.

There were no issues with the quality or production of this audiobook. It was clear and crisp.

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